Along Violet

 Along Violet is an indie rock duo from Los Angeles, Ca, made up of singer/songwriter/lyricist Pamela Larz and multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer, Bill Bradley.

Bradley is an experienced guitar and bass player. He has many years of experience playing in local cover bands, performing, and as a studio and sound engineer. He sought to find an original band and joined Along Violet and has never looked back. Extremely motivated, Bradley put his engineering skills to work on Along Violet's songs and then ultimately began co-writing with Larz, they have a great chemistry and ease in writing songs together. 

At a young age, Larz began singing, performing, and writing poetry as a form of expression. Since her poems were mostly dark, she was apprehensive about sharing them with anyone for fear of judgment. She later decided to pair her poems with melodies and after years of keeping them hidden away, she felt she had finally found her voice. A flooding of melodies and words all came together. She couldn't stop writing. As time went on, she sang with local bands, but found it difficult to have her own songs taken seriously. After Larz relocated to California from NY, she started an original band and then through a mutual friend worked with accomplished Los Angeles-based producer/musician/keyboardist, Paul Trudeau, with whom she has recorded numerous songs (to be released soon). Larz was unable to finish recording all of the songs she had written with Trudeau because she had an unexpected and devastating challenge to deal with - a brutal late-stage cancer with debilitating side effects. Singing became a distant dream. She couldn't sing, eat, or talk without intense pain. However, over the years through ups and downs, setbacks, recovery, and rehabilitation, Larz is now moving forward. She started the band Along Violet and to date has recorded 6 original songs post-cancer with Bradley and two songs with Trudeau. Larz has to be very mindful of her voice and has to use it in moderation, otherwise risks further damage to her vocal cords. Larz feels very fortunate to have Bradley as her bandmate because he understands her obstacles. Larz and Bradley are continuing on their musical journey and creating music in their studio and will be releasing more songs and an EP. They are titling the EP "Reclamation" because Larz says it symbolizes reclaiming her voice back from the cancer that tried to take it away.
Enjoy the music and hope to see you all when we play near you. 
Peace and love,
Along Violet x